A divine, romantic story


There is a great mystery,
A wonderful story;
For ages 'twas hidden,
Now shown in His wisdom;
'Tis a divine romance
Of God and man in time;
Beyond understanding,
Yet seen in God's speaking.

    • God fell in love with man;
      For only God's love can
      Make man just the same as He
      In life and in nature.
      We are His expression,
      His bride, His enlargement;
      Forever, together,
      As living, insep'rable as one couple

  1. Though He was rejected
    By men who were blinded;
    His love is constraining,
    His heart still unchanging;
    Thus in incarnation
    Came He as salvation;
    His name is called Jesus,
    And He came to seek us.

  2. Though I've been a sinner,
    I now have been redeemed
    By Christ who died for me,
    Who was raised in glory.
    I am joined to Him now,
    Together we're living;
    I love to enjoy Him,
    For I've been forgiven.

  3. His love is so tender,
    To Him I'll surrender;
    His name is so precious,
    I gladly call, "Jesus!"
    His Person's so charming,
    My heart ever winning;
    I'll hold back no longer,
    I'll love Him forever.


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